Eduardo Fuentes, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

I hold a PhD in Biotechnology and Post-Doctorate in Molecular Physiology, having conducted research at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland), University of Aberdeen (Scotland), and University of Gothenburg (Sweden). I have extensive and demonstrated experience in:

• Entrepreneurship. I have founded two successful StartUps dedicated to helping scientists write and publish scientific articles – BioPub and WriteWise.

• Raising capital. In less than one year, I have raised over USD$400,000 in competitive funding for both StartUps.

• Leading projects and teams. I am currently the Director of four large, complex projects, managing and motivating a 15-person team through effective coaching.

• Communication. I have strong communication skills and I am able to connect with a wide variety of individuals, from Venture Capitalists to University Rectors.

• Building long-term business relationships. I aim to keep clients and users extremely satisfied with our solutions. I have also established strategic partnerships that contribute to our success.

• Sales, commerce, and marketing. I have personally led the strategic growth of both companies, increasing sales by 269% in two years for BioPub.

• Critical, original thinking. I am driven by generating high impact solutions that have a global outlook.

• Research, development, and innovation. I am the inventor of WriteWise, the first Artificial Intelligence-powered software in the world that helps teach scientists how to write scientific articles. To develop this software, research was required on state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques adapted to scientific articles. Furthermore, new algorithms and techniques for classifying papers and for extracting/detecting linguistic features were investigated and developed. Before founding both StartUps, I participated in 12 national and international research projects.

• Scientific writing, editing, and publishing. I have 15 years of experience in this area, which is my primary passion. I have an H-index of 13, having published 22 scientific articles (with over 500 citations) in prestigious peer-reviewed journals in the area of molecular physiology and endocrinology. I have also served as a reviewer and guest editor of over ten journals, reviewing over 30 papers. I have personally edited over 50 papers, helping dozens of scientists publish their scientific articles in prestigious journals. I have presented 55 works in research conferences.

• Education and teaching. I have taught “the art of writing papers” to over 1200 researchers, with audiences ranging from undergraduate students to Full Professors from across Latin America. Before founding both StartUps, I worked as a University-level Lecturer and Teaching Assistant for 10 years.